The terrific twos


It's my little blog's birthday, and she's two! Only 19 more years until she can drink, and I can take her out for a margarita.

So what has happened around here since my last anniversary? Catch a year in review, after the bump.


Wow! What a year. I'm so happy to have figured prominantly in it. Happy anniversary and thanks for flashing your buns. As soon as I have time to twist mine up, you'll get a peek!

Happy birthday to one of my favorite blogs!! (might even be my MOST favorite?) Today is a knitting celebration day, it is also Grumperina's knitting anniversary. I will have to celebrate by...uh...knitting all day. What a pity.

Happy blogiversary!

Happy blogiversary! Thanks for all the useful and fun tips and posts. I found you while working 12 hour nights in support of Katrina relief and have read you ever since.

Happy blogiversary!

Yay! Happy Blogiversary! I'm happy to have met you in the last year. Wow- 19 years is a long time to wait for a margarita... ;)

Happy Birthday Little Blog! Soon you'll be driving. Panda is a smashing spokesmodel for you.

You also came out to a decent sized meetup and I hope you can be convinced to come to more.

Happy blogiversary! You brighten your corner of the blogiverse. :)

congrats! whatta year ;) any predictions for the next twelve months?

I like to think that blog years are like dog years. Which of course means you can take your little blog out for a drink in just another year! For now, you'll just have to celebrate for the both of you. Happy blogiversary!

Happy happy happy Anniversary to yoooou! Make that margarita a double - with a side of guacamole por favor!

Happy blogoversary!! :)

hap-hap-happy blogiversary! hope you had a good one :)

Your blog has the same birthday as me!

You've certainly had a very productive year. Congrats!

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