You know what they say about women with big feet, right?


They've got HUGE socks.

Well, my feet are pretty average, but check out this sock, baby. I've just started the ribbing portion which will run three color stripes deep, ending in a red stripe.

I don't know, maybe I'm getting subliminal messages about stripes but I'm really smitten with these socks. I should note that I own no (appropriate) skirts or shorts with which I could wear these and display them to best advantage, and yet I simply cannot wait to finish knitting both socks so I can wear them. There's a little twisted part of me that thinks I should wear them with one of my official work outfits, you know blazer, long trousers, ankle length boots, and the most crazy arse socks ever. The likelihood is that no one would know I had on my peppy long stockings, but if someone did catch a glimpse it'd definitely confirm my "not quite right in the head" status with them.

I've got some new handspun too.

Same technique as the redwood colorway, but in pine instead. This particular batch of roving has tended to leave a little dye on my fingers, and lost a bit of blue in the bath, but is otherwise lovely and really does spin up to look like a pine forest.


I definitely think you should wear them with your work outfits! Sounds like something I would do, heh.

That is beautiful handspun. You should see mine now. It's just as bad as it was a week ago!

I am so in love with those socks.

The socks are fabulous, but did you increase at all for the calf? Cuz they look pretty skinny. Maybe you just have skinny legs? It's making me nervous to think that they might not fit you after all that work

Those socks look great! I don't blame you for dumping the circs though. I've not snapped a wooden dpn yet. Is there something in particular that worries you about it?

Your stylish self will come up with some great way to show off those beauties!

I love 'not quite right in the head'-it can be fun.

I don't think it means you're not right in the head if you wear them with work clothes, I think it means you're an individual with personality that can't be stifled under your work garb. Maybe I just feel strongly about this... :)

I'm glad you had enough yarn to finish the socks. I bet they will look great with a cute skirt. And you should wear them to work, but let them SHOW -- don't hide them.

GREAT socks. Please show the way in which you choose to show them off!

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