Friday, September 09, 2005

The book said it was right here -- Part 2

When last we left our brave heroines, they were off to go hiking in the Angeles National Forest.

With backpacks re-packed, and mysterious "gate" found, our protagonists' sense of adventure was renewed.

The guidebook told us to walk along the "dirt road that curves under the precipitous south face of the San Gabriel Peak."
Then we should "approach a short tunnel."

Dirt Road?


"Precipitous south face"?

I love the use of the word "precipitous" as much as the next person, but being surrounded by mountains makes determining such features a bit challenging.

We proceed ahead

Short tunnel?


Short tunnel?

Hmm, let's re-read those instructions again? Do you remember seeing anything that looked decidedly precipitous? How about this fork in the road? Is there supposed to be a fork in the road?

At this point, I think we began to resign ourselves to the fact that we may not be on the right trail. No worries, though, it's cooling off, the trail is clear and easy and there is much talk of knitting to be done.

And the trail was beautiful. We hiked until the gnats became unbearably thick, and then headed back to the truck. Hey, we're all for nature and exercise, but you can only talk so much when little buggies are bombarding you. Anyway, heading back to the truck means heading into the city for dinner.

Back up on the road, we grab Herman, drop him off at the truck and get one last picture, before heading into town.

The magnificence of nature is all fine and dandy, but there isn't much in this world that can put me in a better mood than a good dinner.

Julia and her husband introduced me to the Mayflower a while ago and it was a feast to remember. If ambiance is high on your list of criteria...

this may not be your stop. But if you want great food for a bargain, you might well be in heaven.

We had a bit of a scare when we saw the crowd out front.

All of those people were awaiting a seat in a restaurant about the size of most people's living room. But, Julia was assured by the staff that we'd be elbow deep in crab in 10 minutes.

We waited outside with other hungry patrons to be.

Admired the offerings out front.

And were seated shortly.
After what seemed like an eternity of waiting....

We had crab. Ohhhhh yah!
After eating myself stupid, and packing up some crab for Leo, it was back home for both of us.

This is my kind of hiking.


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