Wednesday, October 12, 2005

When a man loves a hat...

Leo has a favorite hat. He's had this hat for all of the nearly 5 years we've been together and he's worn it whenever he can. I'm sure he had the hat several yeas before we met as well, but with no means of cutting it in half and reading its rings, I can't tell it's true age. The problem is, he likes to keep his hat clean so he tosses it in the washing machine on a fairly regular basis. This isn't a bad thing, per se, but I believe this hat is past the years when it can be thrown, willy nilly, into the wash.

Take a look.

The hat is, indeed, in a sorry state.

The problem is, when I mention the r-word, "replacement," the look on his eyes is somewhat akin to how I'd look if he asked if we could replace Panda. This hat is no longer in production and no hat will ever live up to its status. But you know, a girl can dream, so I thought I'd turn to you, my pixely friends and seek advice. Do any of you know where we can find a hat that is a similar color with a small logo, preferably with some sort of snowboarding, skateboarding or surfing theme. No sports, no brand named clothing names, heck, plain would be just fine, I think. If we can get past this, perhaps some of the torn socks and pajamas can go. Hope springs eternal.

On the knitting front, can't show you much until after my Knitty Gritty shoots. Been a hectic week as I've set up my one woman sweatshop.


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