Sunday, July 03, 2005

All the fiber that's fit to blog

So, I've been getting a lot of knitting done, lately. I"ve more or less finished that gift I haven't been able to post about, so that is out of the way.

Additionally, I finished re-knitting the Dragon Hoodie

Those of you who've been visiting me for a while might notice a different background. I generally photograph my knitting on the ironing board, which is the final construction point for all my pieces. Well, I had the brilliant idea that I would wash my ironing board cover with unfortunate (and probably very obvious) results. So, I finally got over to Jo-Ann and picked up a new, albeit a rather ugly one.

In this week's machine knitting course we began an actual garment

This is a tank with a full fashioned picot hem. There are some partially knit rows (short rows) worked above the hem. There's actually no shaping, that's just how it looks with my quick and dirty wash and sort-a-block. We'll knit the backs next week.

I also picked up some yarn for my class design. It's called Bounce and I bought it from Elann

It's actually two shades of green, in case your monitor doesn't show it well. The colors are called "Sage" and "Verde". Yum! I'm still playing around with design ideas, but I think I'll do a boat neck top with long straight sleeves with hand crocheted insets in the second color. Additionally, I think I'll finish the neckline with the contrasting color as well.

Finally, I have been working on this

It's the Free Lace kit my mom got me. We'll see how it comes out. I think I may have left too many sparse areas, but that's OK, live and learn.

Now for a little back track to yesterday's post. This is possibly a controversial topic, so if you want to skip it, feel free.

On the topic of the confederate flag:
Cilla left a thoughtful comment on her views of this flag. I wish she had left an address at which I could reply back personally, but since she hasn't I'll go ahead and comment here.

I genuinely appreciate your insight on the topic. I think it's interesting to hear some other perspectives.

I'd go on to point out that your mention of the Nazi flag is an apt one since the symbol we know as the swastika was once a very peaceful symbol used in many cultures (NOTE: I am not comparing anyone or anything to the Nazis, I'm only referring to a line in the comment which I think segues well into my point). To that end, I'd argue that despite the many very valid points you raise, as a symbol the confederate flag is linked not only with the fight for slavery, but has since been commandeered by a reported 500 extremist groups as a symbol of their beliefs.

I will go on to apologize if my rather flip comment suggests that I think all who display this flag are racist. While I genuinely believe this symbol carries that message to the public at large, I also believe that many people fly that flag with no ill intentions.


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