Spring Cleaning

I'm not naming names, or anything, but someone got a hair up her arse last night and cleaned out her stash.

This is a horribly hard thing for me to do. Some of the yarn in this stash is *gulp* sentimental. There is the yarn that got me back into knitting, there is the yarn from my first project.Ther is yarn that kind people have given me and yarn that I've had for years because "you just never know."

Truth be told, it'd be easier for me to just keep this yarn, but I don't think it should languish. I have found myself in a place where I'm continually finding myself well stocked with yarn and booked up for projects to the point where I can't fathom when I'd have time to use this yarn. I'd rather know it was in a good home.

Rules (Please read if you wish to claim yarn)

  • This yarn resides in a house with dog hair and, in all likelihood some dust. I've kept it in cabinets or plastic containers but it's still likely that the yarn could contain either. If you are seriously allergic to either, this may not be the yarn for you.
  • Much of this yarn may have been used lightly. By lightly, I mean, I may have swatched with it and pulled it out or started a few rows of a project and ripped out. Some is like new and I will indicate as best I can.
  • Some yarns are Free To A Good Home. Well, actually, you could have a crappy home, I won't judge. But, if you are in the US, you'll need to send a self addressed stamped mailer. Out of the country, we'll work out payment for postage.
  • The rest is available for a fair trade. I'm keen on pattern books or magazine but I'll also happily consider a donation to a good cause.
  • Ultimately, I'll decide who gets the yarn. I'd prefer it be someone I've actually seen popping about my blog before. I'll probably do "first come first served", but if deciding between someone who drops a note sometimes and someone I've never seen before, I'll choose the former.
  • IMPORTANT: To put your name in for any yarn, please send me an email with the subject line Spring Cleaning Yarn, by clicking here. Don't forget to tell me what you want. :o)

Let's get to the yarn already

ballet yarn

This is the yarn I used to make my leg warmers. There is enough there to make a pair for yourself, though, please note, there is only one untouched spool. The other two are generous partials. Yarn is microfiber and incredibly soft and stretchy. This is Artfiber's page on the yarn. This yarn is available for a trade or donation to charity.

Sorry, this yarn is no longer available.

boucle mess

Ok, caveat emptor here. I bought this huge hank of boucle yarn on eBay and have never been able to untangle the mess. The stuff is a beautiful rich royal blue at a lace weight. There is a quarter there for scale so you can see just how much yarn there. I tried to return this yarn because no amount of futzing could untangle this mess. I got completely screwed by the seller, so here it is.

This is free to a crazy home willing to try to do anything with it. It'd be a shame to toss it, but I can't fathom what a person would do with it.

Who'd a thunk it. Lots of folks wanted this. It has been claimed.


Ok, I feel kind of bad giving this up. It was a sweet gift from my mom, but I just don't know what to do with it. I have 8 balls of the green and 6 balls of the brown. Since I know my mom would appreciate it, this yarn is available free with donation to a worthy charity and cost of shipping.

Corset yarns

These are the leftovers from my Allusions pattern. There is some Corsetto and some Memoir (which I think is the same as Fellini). There is not enough to make a whole corset, but there is enough to make something small. This is available for a small trade or donation.

Nicer Cottons

Here is an assortment of medium quality cottons. It's not super deluxe stuff, but it's nicer than kitchen cotton. Most of it is leftover from my Paige's Poncho pattern and some of it is leftover from the Frog Pond hat. There are also two more balls of a nice pink cotton that I just have lying around.

The whole lot is available for trade or donation to charity, or, I can divvy it up if there are folks interested in just some of it. Much of it is untouched. Some is lightly used.


Here is some amazing deep red Fellini. Some of it's been lightly used, but there's an untouched spool and a second full spool plus a remnant. There is enough here to make a skimpy woman's top or a fun little evening bag.

This is available for trade or donation to charity.

This has been exchanged for a donation to Knitters Without Borders.


This is Flounce in a deep chocolate brown. I think it's discontinued. It's soft beyond imagination. There are all lightly used, and would work up adorably into a stuffed animal of some sort.

Free to a good home, you just send a self addressed stamped mailer.

This has also been traded for a donation to Knitters Without Borders.

Starry Night

These are the remnants of Fuzzy Valentine and Baby Boa. Neither is a full spool. Both yarns are Starry Night. Super soft and sparkly. I'm not sure what you'd do with it but trim an accessory of some sort.

Free to a good home. You must send self addressed stamped mailer.

Starry night has been claimed. You'll have to get your sparkly fuzzy yarn elsewhere.

Lion Brand

Here's some lightly used Lion Brand kitchen cotton. Free if you send self addressed stamped mailer.


Two full spools and one partial spool of Mousse. I believe this is now discontinued. I used it to make my Flamenco Wrap and there is certainly enough to make one for yourself. I also used it to make the shrug I wore to my friend's wedding. This stuff gets great mileage and there's certainly enough to make yourself a summery top.

This is available for trade or donation to charity.

The Mousse is no longer available.

Plume and Toto

Here is some Plume and Toto. This is some yarn that really got me back into knitting again. I'm a little sentimental about it. The colors are very autumnal, with shades of brown and orange and touches of yellow. They are amazingly soft. Toto is the hand painted version of the yarn I used in my Dragon Hoodie.

Plume and Toto remnants

I have those two full spools, these remnants, as well as two partial balls of the yarns held together. You can see it in the middle row here, on the right. There is another out of the picture too.

These are available for a small trade or donation to a charity.

This assortment has been claimed.


I have a bunch of this Regia that I used for the Hooray For Me Gloves. There is an untouched skein, a lightly used but intact skein and the two remnants from the gloves. There is enough here to make a pair of long-ish socks or several pairs of gloves.

These are available for a trade or donation to a good charity.

This yarn has been exchanged for a donation to a charitable cause. Hooray for that!


These are some various remnants and odd dye tests for Artfibers yarns. This stuff is free if you pay shipping. I don't know if anyone would want such small quantities of yarn, but it'd be great for trimming felted bags or other small accessories.

This yarn is going off to a good cause. It's no longer available.


This is mostly TLC Amore with a couple skeins of other inexpensive yarns that I've acquired. Some is unused but most is lightly used with plenty to spare. This yarn could be used to make a Dragon Hoodie. I have twice (thus all the left overs). You could also make a striped adult sweater with the quantities.

I'd prefer to do a trade or donation to charity, but if you have a good use for it (ideally for knitting/crocheting projects for charity or for use at schools or other worthwhile institutes) you can have it for the cost of shipping.

The TLC Amore and similar yarns is being split between two charity groups. I couldn't be more pleased.






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