100 Things About Me

  1. I grew up on the east coast and now live on the west coast.
  2. I have one brother and no sisters.
  3. Even though I grew up in NH, I hate the cold and get cold very easily.
  4. I was a very bad student until late high school.
  5. I was a pretty good student in college.
  6. I had to drop out of college for financial reasons.
  7. I generally live in clutter.
  8. I'm almost always multi-tasking which is why I like to knit, it means I can be lazy and productive at the same time.
  9. When I lived in Boston, I remember having road rage.
  10. Now that I live in LA I see the pointlessness of it and simply put on NPR and take it as it comes.
  11. I have low blood pressure.
  12. Strengths: creativity, ability to see issues from all sides, innovative, kind hearted, realistic with optimistic leanings, liberal ;o).
  13. Weaknesses: unorganized, prone to overextending myself, non-confrontational to a fault.
  14. I am not religious.
  15. I enjoy a good philosophical or political debate amongst friends, especially when someone can honestly challenge me.
  16. I hate peas.
  17. I don't care for beans (the jelly variety are excluded from this statement).
  18. I dislike chickpeas (garbanzo beans) but love humus and falafel.
  19. I'm not the kind of person who will sit down and eat a bag of chips or a pint of ice cream, I get bored of a single food.
  20. I love cartoons.
  21. It is rare that I'll watch any hour long "drama" show.
  22. I enjoy RPG video games.
  23. I'm old enough to know better.
  24. I've been going gray since my early 20s.
  25. I rarely wear makeup but have enough in my house to rival Tammy Faye.
  26. I used to take a lot of dance classes in junior high and high school.
  27. I loved it and worked at my dance studio to pay for my supplies.
  28. I lost my passion for it in college because the classes were usually held at 8am.
  29. I briefly danced after college but never found a studio that suited me.
  30. The last studio convinced me to perform in their recital and competition. I agreed to do it but was so embarrassed to have to ask for time off for a recital, that I never went back again.
  31. My dream job would involve lots of knitting and lots of time doing stuff on the computer.
  32. During the weekends, I do a lot of a knitting and spend a lot of time on the computer.
  33. I usually stop frequenting establishments once I'm considered a "regular".
  34. I firmly believe it is rude to wear white or black to someone else's wedding.
  35. I cannot enjoy a meal or snack without having a glass of water and a napkin at hand.
  36. I rarely wear skirts and nearly never wear shorts.
  37. I can probably count the number of time I've used a hair dryer on my hair, on one hand.
  38. The thought of living in a small town, far from the city, is horrifying to me.
  39. I grew up in a small town, far from the city.
  40. I love to travel.
  41. I believe that most people cannot honestly justify owning an SUV.
  42. I think it's reprehensible to own a Hummer.
  43. I don't buy music very often.
  44. I don't listen to music very often.
  45. I listen to talk radio for 10-12 hours a day (while at work and on my commute).
  46. I don't play any musical instruments.
  47. I would rather pump my own gas than have it done for me.
  48. I would rather park my own car than have a valet do it.
  49. I have a comically bad sense of direction.
  50. I confuse my right and left.
  51. I refuse to play the lottery.
  52. I refuse to read horoscopes.
  53. I took the Massachusetts motorcycle safety course, twice. Once by myself and once with my boyfriend who didn't want to go alone.
  54. I was not a dog person until I got my first dog in 2001.
  55. My parents had a dog when I was quite young. I remember him but was fine with the fact that we never got a replacement dog.
  56. My best friend's mother ran a wildlife rehabilitation center out of their house.
  57. I did a lot of volunteer work there and liked it well enough but still wouldn't consider myself an animal person.
  58. Evidence suggests that happiness is hard work. I think it's worth every effort.
  59. No one can convince me that creationism should be taught along side evolution in a science class.
  60. Creationism can be taught in philosophy and religion courses.
  61. I love spicy food.
  62. I used to pack my own lunches for school when I was quite young. I would often pack several candy bars and a juice box.
  63. My parents used to cart me off to camp every summer. I hated it.
  64. My parents would try to psych me up for it and tell me that they KNEW I loved it. I suspect they just wanted the house to themselves.
  65. I don't plan to ever have kids, but if I did, I'd probably try to cart them off to camp too.
  66. One summer I shared a tent with a girl who obviously didn't think highly of me. Our tent was on a platform about 2 feet off the ground. Every night, she'd push me out of the tent while I slept. I'd wake up when I hit the ground, trapped in my sleeping bag.
  67. It rained most nights that summer.
  68. I really hated summer camp.
  69. I have traveled across the US, to Mexico, Costa Rica and Switzerland.
  70. I hope to have the opportunity to travel much more.
  71. I know some sign language and some French.
  72. It's unlikely anyone fluent in either would know what I was trying to say.
  73. My Birthday is February 18th.
  74. I love my birthday.
  75. I started knitting when I was in the first grade.
  76. My mom tried to teach me earlier, but got frustrated with me.
  77. I also taught myself to crochet.
  78. I crocheted many afghans in college.
  79. I tried to sell my afghans at a consignment shop but the cost of materials to make one well exceeded the money people were willing to pay for it.
  80. This amazed me since I used the cheapest yarn available.
  81. I really hate bugs.
  82. I can't even watch them on TV.
  83. I usually read the owners manual for anything I buy.
  84. I always seem to forget coupons.
  85. I pronounce it "koo-pon."
  86. I'm a good cribbage player.
  87. I used to be a very good swimmer.
  88. I have never been able to color in the lines.
  89. I've never been arrested.
  90. I've never done anything for spring break.
  91. I'm a very slow reader.
  92. If I had been a boy, my name would be Adam
  93. My real name is Marna.
  94. Only my grandmother calls me Marna.
  95. If someone calls the house looking for "Marna" there is a very good chance it's a telemarketer.
  96. I would prefer you called me Marnie.
  97. I didn't think the Alfred Hitchcock move, Marnie, was very good.
  98. I can't sing.
  99. I've never been on a diet.
  100. I love having people make things from my patterns.

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