Thursday, November 18, 2004

Remember Tesla?

Some of you might remember the Tesla yarn I had been working with.

I put the project aside a while ago because I was having trouble finding the right way to transition from biased to straight knitting on it. I was using short rows but they weren't sitting flat the way I wanted them to.

Well, I've picked the project back up and I think I've resolved that issue.

The handle looks like this:

Those thin rods along the center unscrew and come free from the purse frame which makes assemble really easy. I bought the frame here. Since the yarn is stainless and cotton, I got the silver toned handle.

At this point, I still need to knit the sides of the purse and line the whole thing. What I like about the yarn in this function is that it gives the impression of antique beading. I have a little bit of white tesla as well and may garnish the piece a bit.

I ran my weekly Stitch and Bitch at work, yesterday. It's a small but reliable group and it's become a real joy to spend time with them. I taught two of them to do cables. They both seemed surprised and pleased that they could do it.


Jannie said...

I am gettin gready to knit this purse adn I really a begginer but I love it so I was wondering if you have any special "words of wisdom" for this project. I read in your blog that you had some issues adn if you had them , I am sure I will have them 3 x more! :> Jannie

12:57 PM  

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