Friday, November 12, 2004

K-Tel and Poll

Ok, I've done up a quick tutorial for the K-Tel knitter.
You can get to it here. It's really rudimentary, but it's enough to get those of you with one of those odd looking items, off to a good start. I'll try to add more steps as time permits.

I did love the comment from the person who thought the K-Tel was some sort of personal item, not normally appropriate for the likes of a knitting blog. Little things like that make me laugh during a long work day.

I'm hoping to get through some of the Bella P pattern writing this weekend, but I wanted some feedback from those of you who would consider making her. I'm partial to charts for patterns, because I feel it's easier for me to see when I've made a mistake, but it's become clear that these are a little intimidating for some people, and may be impractical if you cannot print out a large enough version of the pattern. So, for those of you who might wish to make this pattern at some point, could you please take my poll?

Ok, I tried to use a free internet poll and it didn't work, so please just leave a comment letting me know if you prefer charts or written out patterns.

Finally, someone asked if I'd do some Crochet characters. I think that's a great idea, but I'll need a little time. Hold tight and I'll see if I can find some inspiration.


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