Tuesday, November 16, 2004

I love Crochet too

I finished up some simple crochet characters, and placed them on some items in my cafepress store. There are 4 characters and 3 sayings, plus a plain version of each.

Right now, I have up bags, in each of the crochet sections as well as ornaments, magnets, and pins in the uncaptioned area.

I can make any of the products listed on this page. Just send me a note and I'll put the item together. I'm happy to add whatever would be interesting to you guys.

Ok, enough of that.

I've done an unofficial tally of the comments about the Bella P pattern and it appears that more people lean towards preferring charts, or have no preference, so I think I'll do up a chart, but I would also like to add a tutorial for people who are scared of charts to explain how to read them. If anyone has any suggestions for the tutorial, please let me know. I'm happy to give you a link/credit for your contributions.


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