Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Well, Bella P is still a little damp and I haven't woven in all the ends, but I decided to try her on and photograph her anyway. She's actually a convertible, offering two modes, depending on need. For day wear, we have the "up" version, shall collar like and, relatively conservative. She could be worn over a camisole to minimize the cleavage factor (or, in my case, a lack thereof). I'd like to apologize for the inconsistent color and graininess. It's still fairly dim here and I decided to get up pics faster instead of going for super quality.

For that '50s starlet, evening look, Bella P unfolds:

Sorry about the out of focus front view of starlet mode.

One more note, I wanted to suggest you all check out this site. Amy has done up some great instructional videos as well as a forum. I'm sure she would want me to mention that she's still adding videos and that the site is under construction, so don't despair if a few of the links aren't active. I've already recommended the site to people I'm teaching to knit. It's a great place to send folks when I can't be there to help them in person.


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