Monday, November 07, 2005

Off other peoples' needles

Three people recently sent me pictures of their beautiful fished items created from my patterns and I just have to share. Unfortunately, I don't have bloggy links for two of the three.

These are Bernadette's Hooray For Me Gloves. I simply love the yarn she used. The subtle variegations are delightful. The end result is still fun but with a more refined flair. Great work.

And here are Beth's Wyvern socks. I wouldn't normally think of using a non-solid color yarn for these socks but her choice is subtle and really works. It doesn't overshadow the texture at all. I think the results are amazing.

Finally, Evangeline made a gorgeous Halley's Comet hat. She says she used Reynold's Saucy for the yarn and it was a great substitution.

I'm always amazed at the gorgeous adaptations people make from my patterns. Thanks to all three of you.


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