Sunday, November 13, 2005

Caught Possessing 40 Grams

That would be 40 grams of spun roving, of course.
I've been spinning like crazy with my super yummy merino/silk blend that Julia gave me.

I decided to check my WPI and I got 16 so I guess this is about a fingering weight. It's really starting to look like proper yarn. But the bar is very high. I really aspire to spin yarn like Lee Ann does. Look at how delicate and perfect her yarn is. And since she and I have been spinning for about the same length of time, I have absolutely no excuse. If I had a hat, I'd tip it.

If you are loving my roving, you can now order some from Janel. Her site is finally up and running. I'm drooling over that Merino/Tencel blend.

Oh, and remember a few posts back when I said Panda and I modeled for Kristi? Well, we made it into the La Jolla Village News. Check it out.

We were all upstaged by pugs, but I'm really OK with that.
I'm sure my mom is very proud.


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