Sunday, August 07, 2005

Why not knit Wyvern?

This morning, I had a little socky photo shoot and I finalized the pattern instructions for Wyvern. You can get the pattern here. Please disregard the fact that I do not have the ankles to pull off being a sock model. I'm not fishing for reassurance here, I've come to terms with my cankles. But I found one way to distract from my shapeless appendages. What I need is an accessory, something that draws the eye away from my physical flaws. I didn't even know I needed it until it just appeared...

Click for a larger view

Yah, cute, I know. I had the camera on a timer, I was posing away and little Miss Panda Bear plopped herself down just in time for the shot. Cankles? What cankles?

Now, regarding the previous post, where I modeled my new tunic that I knit in my machine knitting class, a couple of you expressed interest in a pattern. I can absolutely whip up hand knit pattern instructions for folks, but I should warn you that it's knit at a gauge appropriate for size US #3 needles. That's a lot of knitting at a very fine gauge. I'm not sure there's really that much interest in knitting a piece that big at a gauge that small. So I've put together a little poll and I hope you will all chime in.

I've been working on my second class piece as well. The color is a little off and it's not done yet, but here it is so far.

The color is really a very soft sage green with dark green seed stitch trim. The sleeves are three-quarter length and it's got a shallow v-neck. I'm working on the placket right now.


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