Monday, October 18, 2004

Weekend Wrap-Up

We brought Panda to Palos Verdes this weekend for some play time in the ocean. This beach is pretty close to our home, and we've enjoyed our many past visits there. This little girl is fearless which is one of the things we love about her, but this weekend, she put our love for that fearlessness to the test. We were walking along the rocky coast, tossing this and that into the water for her to run after. She has no interest in fetch unless it involves running through the surf, and will actually take the scenic route through the water if you neglect to choose that path for her, by tossing an item on terra ferma. So, off she was running when a wave picked her up and started dragging her back. I'm a bit startled and worried, but this is nothing new for my favorite twosome, until a second wave comes crashing down on the little black and white pup, twisting her upside-down and backwards in a manner that has convinced both her parents that they will need to call upon her daddy's life guarding skills. Seconds pass like years as we assess the situation, ready to leap into the water if need be, when out bounds little Panda, soaked and pleased as punch. We both try to act nonchalant while we check for missing pieces, or other signs of damage on our girl. She is wagging and ready for more, making a bee-line for the shore again.
Leo looks at me, I look at him, we're both white and a little queasy from the experience. He says, "I think I want to go home now." and I don't disagree. Panda is looking for an excuse to go for another dip, but we call her back to us and begin the trek back up the hill to the car. Of course, like any red-blooded doggy, she feels a good dip in the ocean, can only be completed by a nice shake and bake in the sand.

Palos Verdes sand appears to have a lot of sulfur and iron in it, as the cliffs show layers of rich yellow and deep rusty red, all dissolving into a lovely ochre colored sand. I think Panda wears it well. As you can see, she's no worse for the wear. Don't worry, we'll still take her back to the beach, we'll just be a bit more careful when playing fetch.

As for Leo's new hat, I have pictures of me wearing it, but hope to get his sweet mug for the pattern. I think he makes a better model.

The colors make it look a lot like the nautilus hat, especially with my head in it, but the hats are pretty different. Instead of the spiral shaping, this uses double decreases at each shaping point to ensure the ribbing is uninterrupted. Leo loves that there are no seams and I like that the ribbing makes it a great one-size-fits-many design.

The pattern should be available some time this week.

Finally, a couple of folks have inquired about my quiz and where I fit in the spectrum. To be honest, I related to every last description, on some level. I may be past the novice and apprentice stages but I remember them well. I like to think I have a little of all of them in me. How主s that for an indirect answers? Must be the presidential debates wearing off on me.


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