Sunday, September 05, 2004

Patterns for Little People

All the dragon hoodie needed was some closure. Man, I feel so new agy when I say that. I decided to go with a separating zipper instead of snaps, this time. Either works, though. With that said, the pattern is ready. Get yourself a gander here:

If I haven't mentioned it already, the yarn I used is beyond wonderful to work with. If you check out the info regarding the yarn you'll see that while it is like a chenille, it doesn't have that dreaded worming effect that so many true chenilles have. It's also hand washable so while it feels gourmet, it's still practical enough for real use.

Also available is Paige's poncho. I decided to forego the fringe for a couple reasons, not the least of which was pure laziness. But, in defense of my laziness, I also realized that fringe and little kids may just be a recipe for icky hard to clean apparel.
Get the pattern here:


Erte Cloche Pattern

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