Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Ego Un-Bruised

Thank you all for reminding me that a couple of unkind comments are hardly a factor in the sea of sweetness that abounds out there. I fought the urge to post a reply to that thread in hopes of letting them know that there are humans behind those links they post. I'm going, instead, with the mom style philosophy that only people who think poorly of themselves need to spend all that time ripping apart others.

Enough of that, then.

In other news, zipping about the internet I found that Diana of d-made has made a lovely version of my Nautilus Hat. Great job Diana.
She also pointed out that my pattern doesn't make it clear that the woman's version of the hat requires YO for the increases, so I'm going to make that edit post haste.

Knitting news is otherwise fairly uninspiring. I think Ia^?(TM)ve finally come up with a design that I like for my stainless steel yarn. Ia^?(TM)ve ordered some more of the yarn in its un-dyed color which I believe is a creamy white. I love the look of deep dark red next to creamy white. It just pops for me. This will be another a^?oeon the flya^?? style design that Ia^?(TM)m going to have to work out as I go along.

In case you didna^?(TM)t see my post about the yarn, earlier, here is a picture of it:

When knit it gives a very organic textured effect, not unlike river rocks, in my loopy mind.


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