Wednesday, August 25, 2004

A Bonnie Bonnie Bonnie

The adorable and talented Bonnie Donaghy models her Nautilus hat.

I think it looks great on her.

The Dragon Hoodie now has an arm. I doubt I'll have time today to finish the second arm today so the project will be traveling to the east coast with me. I will probably finish the bulk of it on the plane ride there. Now, I need only decide what clothing to jettison in favor of more yarn.

am endlessly optimistic that I'll have plenty of time to knit, but even if it主s just the flight out and back again, there's a solid 15 hours of good old stick and thread time.

Today will be all about getting the proverbial ducks in order before I go. You know, ducks like, um, packing and then running around figuring out what I forgot to pack. I主m only gone for five days but my Southern California blood is already chilly thinking about nearly Autumnal New England. Send your warm thoughts my way.


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