Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Back Home

I主m finally back from my trip and while there were many wonderful aspects I主m VERY glad to be home. The wedding was lovely and I hope the bride and groom are getting some much needed rest in lovely Hawaii. There was really very little down time so I feel completely drained but I did finish the dragon hoodie (except for closures) and am nearly done with the poncho. I hope to have pics up of both very soon.

While I was gone, Sarah of And She Knits made a lovely interpretation of my Flapper Hat She's not a crocheter so she knit the flower instead to go with her beautiful scarf.

The colors and stitches have a lovely vintage bohemian elegance to them. I'm so impressed. Fiber arts are a great way to make something uniquely your own and I love when people can take that plunge and see past the original design to something that has their own personality.


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