Ribbing ribbing ribbing ribbing ribbing


I took a couple rough photos of the machine knit cardi and cami

The pictures aren't so good because there was only a little daylight left when I took them. And I've been doing housework all day, so the hair; it is in no condition for photographing. But, I think it gives you a general idea of what the pieces look like.

I'm now fully engrossed in Leo's sweater.

This is the back piece. I'm about halfway to the armsceye. It looks thin, but it will block out much wider. So far so good. I got most of it done while watching a movie over at a friend's place. It was a great, relaxing evening.

Leo went out with some friends and brought me home this:

He’s so sweet. Little things like that make knitting miles of ribbing seem fun.


That green is just amazing - beautifully done!

Its a lovely green.. The cami sits really nicely on you but gets a little lost when worn together with the jacket, IMHO. Godspeed for the endless ribbings!

Looks really nice!

I love the twinset! The shape is so simple and beautiful. What a sweet guy you have :)

Great sweater set! I love the square neckline on the tank. Nice color choice, too!

Your sweater set is beautiful! The ruffles look great, and I love the style and shape of the tank.

I love that cardigan - very, very cute and the ruffles are perfect in person, not at all over the top. It was great to see you this weekend - pho is much missed. Head on over to the blog when you get a chance - there is a surprise...

Love the shape of the cami, I'm trying to work out a similar style on my machine right now. Looks great!

I love it! The ruffles are just right and the tank below it is wonderful. The square neckline looks gorgeous!

Great job on that twinset! Looks like it fits you perfectly (and it's very flattering).

Love that tank. Is it square in the back too?

it's beautiful! i love the basic tank under the ruffly cardi. the neckline on the tank is retaining its shape really well -- that crochet is doing a great job.

The twinset is gorgeous... glad you decided to keep the ruffles. And the tank is simple and lovely. Beautiful work, as usual!

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