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A few months ago, Sundara asked me if I'd be interested in designing something with one of her yarns. I've designed with her yarns before so I didn't need to think about it, and said I'd be glad to once my deadline work was out of the way. She sent me a whole bunch of emerald green Fingering Silky Merino and I was off.

Atalanta features princess seam lines in front and back, which are formed with ribbing and simple cable crosses. The scooped neck is easily modified to be higher or narrower, if desired.

The garment is almost entirely seamless. You cast on at the hem and work up in one piece to the armholes, then divide for fronts and back. The saddles are cast on then worked to the width of the shoulders. Sleeves are picked up from the armhole and worked down in the round. The saddles are sewn into place then the neck and placket ribbing is knit onto the garment.

Last minute work events brought me to LA right around TNNA time and my friend Julia invited me to go with her. While we were there, we each had a pattern ready to release in the coming days and we took the opportunity to get some shots of each other's patterns. Go see her gorgeous new design here.

If you are interested in buying Atalanta, you can check out all the details on my pattern page or the ravelry shop page. And if you are interested in buying a kit with enough yarn to make one of your own, go to Sundara's page, here. She's offering a 10% off discount code for select colors for just a couple of days.

House a little warmer


When I think of Julia, I think of clean and flattering designs with thoughtful feminine details. There's never anything fussy or kitschy, and her materials are top notch. Even in a time of pom-pom and sequined yarns, Julia's taste was merino and silk, which is why I never expected her to pick up a few yards of this fabric, when she started sewing again.

Topless Cowboy Apron

Pinup girls be damned, I'm looking at some shirtless cowboys!

But the thing is, I love this fabric. As I mentioned in the comments of her post about this fabric, a couple years ago, it reminds me of an art project I made in the 7th grade, using Jockey underwear ads. I'll leave it at that.

But that was something like 2 years ago. I'd forgotten those handsome devils and their pickup trucks. I'd forgotten, that is, until I opened my mailbox yesterday and found this:

Topless Cowboy Apron

Great googily moogily! It's topless cowboys in apron form! Do you see this? Check out those sweet little sage green pockets and long ties. There's even a little loop, perfect for holstering one's tongs or, even a hammer, were one so inclined.

Well, I loved it so much that I thought it deserved a proper photo shoot, including vintage dress, rolling pin and a bit of hamming it up for the camera.

Topless Cowboy Apron Topless Cowboy Apron

What can I say but, thank you, Julia, this apron is the best.

A compelling reason to buy the pattern


I have a feeling that almost everyone who reads my blog, also reads Julia's, but if you haven't seen, this, you are missing out.


Granted, the hat is knit for someone a little bit bigger than little Griffin is right now, but I still think he rocks it.

If you think that's cute, you can up the CQ (cuteness quotient) exponentially by adding some baby bell bottoms and some itty bitty toes.


I may not want kids for myself, but I sure love how they make knits look.

In unrelated news, blogging is probably going to be really sparse for the next week and a half. Leo has to make a last minute trip down to Uruguay for a family emergency. I've got my fingers crossed that things are less dire than they sound, but in the interim, I'll be basically cameraless and busy holding down the fort. Luckily, I'll have this great eyecandy at the top of the page, until blogging recommences.

Beaches and Bikes


Who doesn't love a long weekend?

Saturday was all about relaxing and spending a bit of time with friends.

Sunday, we hit the beach.

IMG_0079 IMG_0067


IMG_0182 IMG_0180

And Monday we rode our bikes around our neighborhood. I have a Springer on my bike, but we've never tried it with Thea. Isn't that absurd? Leo wanted to make sure that she wouldn't pull too hard, so he rode my bike a bit and I rode his.

leo and thea on bike

Frankly, I think it takes a very manly man to ride a Hello Kitty bike.

Though, admittedly, he feels more at home on his own bike.

leo with finger

He's clearly very mature.

Still, who can hold a grudge with such views.

birds2 parkview2
blackberries parkview1

Just a lovely way to end a great weekend.

Coming Attractions


Yesterday was Julia's baby shower, where crafty women, from far and wide, came to rain gifts and well wishes on Julia and her li'l bun in the oven. It was so great to see my local friends and meet some amazing women I hadn't met before. Such a great day.


Honestly, so many people were taking pictures that I didn't go to great lengths to get all the prime shots, but you can see what I took, over on Fickr.

But there are a couple of shots that I'd like to highlight, for totally selfish reasons.

IMG_0092.JPG IMG_0091.JPG

See those bad boys? Their name is Alsace Le Monstre and the patterns for each will be available soon.

Here's a more detailed shot that will appear in the pattern.

doll and hat together2.jpg

In the mean time, I leave you with a little more sweetness


Townes sleeping in Mary-Heather's gorgeous mobile from Kat's Baby Boho book.

And, my friend Chrissy's dog, Akasha, wearing a hand knit sweater.


Yes, she is real, not a stuffed animal, and yes, yes, yes, she is ridiculously cute.

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