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I originally saw this little meme at Six And A Half Stitches and tracked it back to Logtar. It's simple, really, just write any ol' pangram you like, in your own handwriting, and sign it. Post the pic and leave a comment back at Logtar.

So here's my entry. I actually normally prefer black ink to blue. In pen choice, I like a not-too-fine tip. My handwriting is, overall, rather poor, but what I lack in general penmanship, I make up for in flourish. Most of my capital letters have large swoopy bits. This is not something I added for the meme, I write this way all the time, though generally, the lowercase letters are slightly less well formed. When I'm trying to be very very clear, I actually write in small caps.

There's no tagging with this meme, just go ahead and do it yourself.


Very cool handwriting, looks fancy... greal looking blog btw! Thanks for playing.

I keep meaning to do this one!

And yes, you have lovely handwriting. I keep saying that if I were ever granted three wishes, I'd use the first two for something practical, but the third, I'd wish for fast, legible, beautiful handwriting!

I love this meme. I planned to do it today too, but didn't get my act together in time to post. Tomorrow, perhaps. :)

That's a neat meme.
Nice handwriting, I love your 'M'!

Alright, this is the third of these that popped up on my blog feeds today...I'm going to have to jump in on it!

I think you have awesome handwriting! It's very 'IM F*CKIN' COOL'.

my name is marnie.

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