Wednesday, November 23, 2005

In which I attempt to sound like I know what I'm talking about

Yesterday, MJ asked me
Beautiful colors in the roving! Are you spinning this from the fold or lengthwise in narrow bits?
As much as this shocked me, I knew what she was talking about AND had given both methods a try. Yah, me! The, you know, new spinner. I feel so grown up.

For those who aren't familiar with that term, I'll explain, poorly, then send you to a proper video where it'll all make sense.

I would hazard to say that when most people spin, they grab a long, perhaps thin length of roving and spin from one end to the other. Alternately, one could grab a short but relatively wide hunk of fiber, the length of the staple and spin from the side of that bundle of roving. This folds the staple in half and spins it around itself. It looks a little something like this, and this. NOTE: Those videos take for bloody ever to load. Be patient.

So lets look at my beautiful roving a little bit. Here she is all braided up.

And here she is with her hair down, flowing naturally.

If I work the length of the staple, which would be from left to right, in this image, all the colors blend together at the drafting point. Even if I were to try to carefully pre-draft out little strips, I'd probably still get a blend of colors.

Now if I were to work sideways, from the fold, I'd be working top to bottom, in this image. Instead of blended colors, I'd actually get individual shades as I moved through the fiber. At the top, I'd get blacks and green, and then I'd move into deep blues and charcoal shades and end with a vivid electric blue.

This is what the two methods look like, side by side. Can you tell which is which? On the left, I have the "from the fold" method. It's a bit dark, but you may be able to see areas of vivid color against areas of darker color. It's lovely, but, I think the right is even nicer. Here I have a more consistent color but the flecks and tweedy compliments shimmer lightly as they blend in different ways. The overall look is more cohesive, and the effect is subtly elegant.

So, long answer shortened, I'm spinning lengthwise, not from the fold.

Oh, and I knit that stuff I showed you yesterday, at least a bit of it.

I had to block it within an inch of its life to get it like that, but I think it's wonderful. I suspect that one or two of you may catch this for what it is. It's the same stitch I'm using in that mohair piece I have been working on.

What was that? You want to know how that piece is coming along?
Hey, look over there, a bright shiny object!

Ok ok, I admit it, I'm working myself up to ripping her out and starting over. It's not obvious to anyone but me, but I can tell that the stitches are slightly off and I just can't stand it. I have a few things I need to finish up so she languishes, but she isn't dead yet, I love the yarn and the pattern too much to totally abandon her.


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