Saturday, September 24, 2005

Second Sock-itis?

So some of us have second sock-itis, which is really not limited to socks, it can include mittens, gloves and sleeves as well. But generally, being the 2 armed, 2 legged type of creatures that we are, we max out at two for most garments.
But when it's time to get ready for certain events, one doesn't get to stop at two. No-sir-i-Bob!

I've only just begun and I'm on number three, here. One of these will eventually have all its fingers, one will have just a couple fingers, one will have just a thumb, and then I'll need to have other "in progress" versions. On the up-side, I should be able to turn them all into completed gloves after the shoot. So, um, brother Matt, do you want some ugly fingerless gloves for Christmas? They'll look just like these, only different.

Regarding the as yet unnamed corset-like top from the last post, thank you all for the really sweet feedback. It looks like there will be a few people interested in purchasing the pattern. I'm also planning on giving some of the proceeds to Habitat For Humanity. I hope to have the pattern available once I finish up my knitting for KG and finish writing a pattern I've knit for SWTC. For those of you who asked about modification, I'll definitely cover ways in which to add length or make the back more bra-friendly. I'm thinking that having a very shallow V in back might be even nicer than a straight back.

Finally, I want to show you some good old Panda cuteness. I got her a new toy recently and she's been enjoying it.

Here she is, plotting it's demise.

A little bite or two to find the squeaker in the middle

Yup, that's the spot.

Go get it, girl, shake it up.


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