Friday, July 29, 2005

Sock Finals

Wow, I got an amazing assortment of suggestions from people. A few wrote me directly, but most are in the comments. It was hard to pick the finalists, but I made it easier by taking the suggestion not to name it for its color (even though I like the "patina" suggestion) and I decided to try to keep the name as short as possible.

I do have some finalists and I hope you'll all vote. I'll leave the poll up for several days and make my announcement early next week. Two of the suggestions are not exactly from a particular person, but inspired by entries. A prize will still be awarded if either is chosen.

Before you vote, you might want to review the options.
We have 6 possible names.

Wyvern meaning small dragon (for the dragon skin like texture) is provided by Sara

Jabberwocky was suggested by Eklectika. He's a literary dragon.

Cassandre is the name of an Art Deco artist.

Lalique is also the name of an Art Deco artist
If either name is chosen, I will pick randomly from the folks who suggested "Art Deco" themed names.

Opera would be in honor of the Sydney Opera House and was sent in by Miriam in Scotland, via email.

Finally, we have Zen Garden also sent in via email by Rachel in Chicago.


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