Monday, July 18, 2005

Loving my corset

The corset is complete. I found buttons, sewed in all my ends and I think it fits great. It's a wonderful pattern. I made no major modifications to the pattern as written.


Pattern: Corset Tank Top by Annie Modesitt
Yarn: Just over 4-50g/121 yd balls of Filatura Di Crosa Brilla
Needles: US #6
Pattern size: XS/35" chest (I am a 36" chest but since I was using cotton and wanted a fitted look, I went for a smaller size.)
Buttons: 5/8" shell buttons sewn on using the thread shank method


  • Worked Chart D normally on right side and reversed on left side so that zigzags would mirror each other.

  • Work an additional 4 rows of last set of charts so that there would be three rows of knitting above the top button as well as three rows of knitting below he bottom button.

  • I needed a total of 22 buttons (pattern calls for 20)

  • For crochet along placket, I worked 3 single crochet for every 4 rows of knitting.

  • For crochet along top of lace, I worked 1 single crochet for every stitch, but three single crochet at the top of each lace peak to enhance shape.

  • Worked in a single color instead of two colors

Otherwise, I worked the pattern as indicated. I did not need to modify any of the shaping to achieve a nice fit.

Here's the back.


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