Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Branching out

I'm not sure I'll ever be someone who knits a lot of socks, if any at all. I've actually only knit one small pair, and that's it. But Julia's new socks pattern and Jody's beautiful lilac sock have me thinking I'm missing out on something good. Now that I'm riding the bus, it's good to have a project that's small and easy to pick up and put down and I think a sock is a nice option, though, on crowded days, 5 US#2 Inox needles can be a bit intimidating to my fellow passengers.

Since I can never do things the easy way (i.e. just go find a pattern and use that) I'm diving in by trying to knit and design my first proper sock at the same time. We'll see how well this goes. I won't be the least bit surprised if there's a ripping party in my future.

That being said, here she is so far.

That's some Koigu, there. If nothing else, the yarn will be great.

The corset is done blocking and looks amazing. I still have to get the 22 buttons needed and sew them on, so no pics on me until then (I do have some decency). I'll write up my pattern notes once it's completed.

I also wanted to share a great "only in LA" kind of story with all of you? You know my last post with the Dobermans and the Pomeranian? Well, the folks who care for all those dogs had a pretty odd experience recently.

Chrissy and Jeff were in their den and rolled up the shade on the window, which looks out onto their front yard and a fairly busy street. Cops surrounded a man, whom they had kneel and crawl through running sprinklers to the position in which they felt they had him under control. Patrol car after patrol car arrived, and with each two officers, heavily armed were positioned to take aim at the man. For several minutes following, in what seemed to be a bit of confusion, the man stood, hands laced behind his head, motionless, while the officers debated back and forth about what to do.

They arrested him, drove off and it seemed to be the end of things
Except, not 30 minutes later, a patrol car returned, dropped the man off, who promptly drove home. You can see the pics and Jeff's account here.


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