Sunday, July 10, 2005

Bandwagon, here I come

What's behind my pretty new case?

An iPod of course.

Last night, Leo and I went out for dinner and then to Frys and Circuit City. I've been wanting some sort of MP3 player to listen to KCRW podcasts and music while I ignore people on the bus. CNet has rated the 30 gig iPod above all other MP3 players and as a life long Apple user, I needed little encouragement. You'll note, though, that the case is black, and being unable to wear those silly ear buds at all (they just fall out of my ears) my headphones are black too. So while I am hanging out on the big trendy bandwagon, no one will really be able to tell. I don't think that's either good or bad, it just is what it is.

I was particularly amused by this sign at Frys. You'll note that we were wandering the aisle with both PDAs and PDAs.

This Fry Guy thought I wanted his picture, so I obliged.

But I don't want to bore you with my shopping adventures. You are here for the knitting, right?

Here's the class tank. It's nearly done, just needing some crochet around the neck and arms. I also swatched up some of my new yarn in class, so now I have gauge information. Swatching revealed that my original ideas probably won't work on the machine, but I'm not upset, I've got ideas aplenty.

And the corset is cranking along. I've just begun the hip increases.

Well, I'd love to talk longer but I have to go play with my iPod


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