Saturday, June 18, 2005

Isn't it loverly?

Leo, Panda and I hiked along the craggy coast of Palos Verdes today. There have been a few, none-too-subtle requests for Panda pictures which is way more than I need to be encouraged to post them, so here goes.

I'll start you off with some of the amazing views of the beach we were on. This locale is not for the faint of heart. The trek down is steep and challenging, and the coast is covered with boulders and rocks, which can wear one out fairly quickly, but I think you'll find the end result to be well worth the effort.

The tide was high (and I'm holding on, I'm going to be your number one) so what is often sandy shore was tide pools instead.

The rocky outcroppings break the waves impressively. I don't think you can really get tired of how beautiful it all looks. When the pools settle between sets, you can see all sorts of neat sea life, including fish, tadpoles, crabs and other such fauna.

This is a great shot of a wave crashing. You can also see, in the background, the cliffs one must descend to reach the shore.

Leo commented, and I agree, that these rocky plains look almost like alien landscapes on some far off planet. Of course, if there were such a planet with all that blue water, there'd probably be cool alien life too, but I digress.

And now for some Panda joy.

This is on the hike down. If you knew how much restraint she is showing, sitting their patiently while we photograph her, you'd have all the more respect for her. I think you can see her pining away for a dip in the cool water.

Once we found a little sandy spot to toss the squirrel, it was business as usual. Leo tosses, Panda fetches, then the cycle starts anew.

Of course, lazy throwers, who do not wish to stand, often pay the consequences when the object of desire is returned for another throw. Click this one for a larger view.

There is something about this picture that just cracks me up. Click, if you like, for a larger image. I'm not sure how we got that mischievous smile out of her, but it speaks of trouble making, if it says anything at all.
We're all a bit beaten and weak from the adventure, but loved every minute of it.


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