Friday, June 24, 2005

BUStleing along

There is a great bus near my home that goes straight from a Park and Ride station to a stop two blocks from work. I've had occasions when I could ride it in the past, and have, but up until recently, my schedule hasn't allowed me to use this option very often. It's a "Commuter Express" so it runs only during rush hour and only in the direction of rush hour which leaves few options for a person working until 8 or 9 PM.

Now that I can take the bus again, I'm finding more time for knitting, yay! I've nearly completed a top secret gift.

And am plugging away at another Dragon Hoodie for use in a book of patterns (not my own, someone else's).

That was mostly done over the course of two trips into work, each of which is about 30 minutes long.

I have to admit, after years of taking the T in Boston, I've got a bit of an anti-social side when I take public transportation. After a few too many folks trying to invite me to their cult, feel me up or ask me out (none of which, apparently, are mutually exclusive) I feel it best to put on my best sour puss and avoid eye contact at all costs.

Since the bus I take caters primarily to professional office workers in the Downtown financial district who live in the relatively affluent South Bay area, my crappy attitude is probably a bit out of place. But there are many who won't be dissuaded but a grumpy attitude on a knitter, for knitting, it seems, is the most fascinating thing to hit this bus in a long while. I feel like an exhibit at a zoo, on some days. It makes me laugh a little. It's mostly men who grill me with questions.

"Is that hard?"
"What are you making?"
"How do you switch colors, do you tie a knot?"
"That's not your first project, huh?"
"You look like you are really good at that."
Each followed by long pauses as they process my monosyllabic response and search for another question.

That's right affable internet Marnie is far less so amongst strangers. Not that I'm ever rude, I just tend to be wary of the overzealous.

But it hasn't been all hand knitting, by day, there's also my machine knitting class, one night a week at Otis. It's more of the same, sorry for that, but here goes.

Last night we learned about making a tension swatch to get gauge.

The stripes and dots are set at predetermined row/stitch counts and are used to establish the gauge at a particular tension. I sort of flubbed the bind off by working it too tightly, but I sorted that out in my other swatches that evening.

This swatch, thought it's hard to tell, has cables, moss stitch and neckline decreases.

And here is some ribbing and basic lace technique.

I'm actually anxious to get started a project, but there are some people who are still working on the basics, so I'm channeling some patience and perfecting the techniques we've been learning. Heaven knows a little practice is good for everyone.

To any of you machine knitters out there, do you know of some good sources for yarn on cones? Generally, I like about a sport weight and something without too much froofroo going on. Merino would be ideal.


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