Wednesday, May 11, 2005

More dollars than sense

This picture was taken today in Malibu

There are apparently people who will pay 50 more per gallon for full service. While the self serve isn't as high as the prices some have seen, it is evident that this station is staffed sufficiently to supply full service, which means someone is paying that price.

Warning: Rant ahead

Now, I realize that there are folks out in other countries paying significantly more per gallon for their gas, but most of what you pay is tax that goes directly back into your own economy. We, here in the states, pay some of the highest base prices for oil and put very little towards cleaning up our environment, providing better public transportation and finding viable alternatives to fossil fuels. In fact, I'd be fine with paying $5.00 a gallon if that additional price were a tax towards the above mentioned causes. Additionally, it was punish folks who buy monstrosities like this. If you knew what horrible words come to mind when I see this abomination....

Ok, rant over.


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