Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Panda In Action - Take 3?

You guys should know that if you encourage me when I post pictures of Panda, I'll just post more of them.
I took a couple small movies of Panda at the beach. I didn't get any of the really good shots of her being eaten whole by giant waves, but this one does show how hard she works to retrieve her toy.
Click here to see a quicktime movie
Update: I've reloaded the movie. I hope it works now. Let me know either way.

Update 2: Ok, I am giving it one more go and then I give up. I used iMovie to export a "web ready" version and this time, unlike the last two times, the remote and server versions are both the same file size. That should do the trick.
On the off chance it doesn't let's all look at some cute doggie footprints in the sand.


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