Sunday, April 24, 2005

Elbow Deep in Sleeve

Look, another sleeve top done.
And from there, I'm now adding horizontal lace that stops right at the top of my elbow.

I'm still knitting the lace onto the other.
From there, I'll be picking up and knitting some more.

On another note, we took Panda to the beach again this weekend. She was definitely due since she had to face her yearly vet appointment on Friday afternoon. Our vet is excellent, we're really pleased with him, but Panda seems far less enamored.
I got a little movie for all of you to laugh at, though. Let me preface it by saying that Panda is a surprisingly quite dog. She barks if someone knocks at our door, but is otherwise quite quiet unless we ask her to speak. The one time she's unbelievably "talkative" is when we get close enough to the beach that she can smell the ocean. In her defense, we do instigate a bit. If you watch the movie, you might want to turn your volume down a little.

Click Panda to watch


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