Thursday, April 07, 2005

Cute little scamps

I guess I have a non-knitting theme this week.
Every year my company does a big United Way drive. This appears to be driven by our parent company, as all our sister companies run the drive at the same time, as well. People get really into it, with every department having their own yearly and new events including raffles, bake sales, and carnivals with dunking booths.
Last year I saw little kids in native costumes from around the world, being ushered through the building but didn't know exactly what their purpose was. This year, I found out.
Check them out.

Pictures taken by my colleague, Sandra Langhammer.

Awwww. They danced around and sang over the vocals to songs like "We are family". They were off tune, off beat, and as unsynchronized as drunks at a karaoke bar, but they were all the more endearing for it.

The hams were put right up front and several became even more animated at the sight of flash photography.

I'm really not one to get all cutsy woo-woo over kids, they aren't puppies, after all, but I do find some real entertainment in them.

Hope you all enjoy the pictures.


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