Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Soil + Rain =

Mud...lots and lots of mud.
Leo and I live in a very nice condo we rent from an awfully nice man, in a very nice area of the greater LA area. I feel like I need to preface the post this way because the pictures I'm about to show you may not make those points apparent.
Recently the HOA for these condos voted to do some major renovations to the complex, which involve uprooting all landscaping to do termite and waterproofing work. At least, that's what all the friendly fliers about the complex say. Right now, that's happening around our building, and there has been about 3 feet of earth through all the walkways near us. These mounds obstruct all exits out of our building on at least 2 sides. In truth, only the elevator to the basement acts as a functional entrance and exit for us. This is not a problem except the gods are still angry at LA for releasing Son of the Mask and opted to drench us in rain yesterday.
Here is the aftermath, taken from inside my building on the way to walk Miss Panda.

Note the various flotsam and jetsam from the maintenance crew who needed to pump all the water out of the nice damn created by the sand bags. It stands to reason that making a wall of sandbags might not only hold back mud, but might also hold IN water.

Stepping out this door, we can see what looks like hurricane aftermath of some sort.

This is our main entrance, being pumped away. That wall of dirt used to sit much higher, but apparently the rain packed it down quite nicely.

Heaven forbid someone need to escape a fire on crutches around here.

The skies are clear now, so hopefully things will be sorted out and back to normal soon. I'm off to Orange County to run more training. I'm darn near sick of my own voice at this point, but at least the week is half over.


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