Tuesday, March 22, 2005

One day closer

I'm one day closer to the end of my crazy week, and one day closer to rest and relaxation.
Thanks for all the well wishes. Yesterday went OK, thought tonight will be the real test for the site, as they go live after training.
I did get a little knitting in. Since I'm away from my desk and in another town, I can't do my normal work so I can sneak in a little bit of knitting. Alas, it was reknitting the 10 rows I had done before, because I realized I'd made an error in my notes for knitting the back.

Some of the questions I was asked:

Are you knitting or crocheting?
Are you making a necklace?
Why don't you sell your knitting?

It's all good for a laugh, I think. Knitting, like computers, is all voodoo to the untrained. I think people expect that what you are working on will only take a short period of time, so it should look like what you are making (thus the necklace question) and that the investment is so minimal that one could easily recoup the cost of supplies and production by selling.

In some cases, this might be true. I could knit a chunky hat in a day, and it would look a lot like a hat within an hour of working on it.

I don't mind the misunderstanding. Heck, just try to talk football with me. As far as I'm concerned it's a bunch of oversized men, running up and down a field with a ball and taking a lot of breaks. We all invest our mental energies in those things that interest us, but I do think that the lack of instant results is what makes it hard for some people to catch on to knitting.

I've noticed that some people can accept and work through the potentially arduous task of learning and acclimating to knitting, but others are put out by the investment involved. I suspect that some of this is a byproduct of our culture. It used to be that people spent hours making meals, that you might wait a week to get your photos developed, postal mail was the standard means of corresponding. Life moved more slowly. Don't get me wrong, you can't take my email and digital camera away from me, but it's apparent that few things happen slowly anymore.

I'm just rambling on now. Must be the lack of sleep. I think I may have twittered about the outer reaches of curmudgeonville, though. Must be careful of that.


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