Thursday, March 10, 2005

Mmmm, tastes like purple

Well, Leo and I ate the artichokes last night and enough of you were curious about them that I thought I'd do a little artichoke review.

Firstly, the packaging says that they have little choke, few thorns and cook faster. The first two items were definitely true. Once we got near the hearts, there was no need to clear out any choke, you could just dip and munch. Additionally, I didn't bother snipping the tips of every leaf, I simply chopped the top off and cooked since there were very few, if any thorns. As for cooking time, the artichokes seemed to cook for about the same time as normal green ones. If there was a time savings, it was negligible.

Regarding the color, it does indeed remain after cooking, though, other artichoke eaters will note that most artichokes become quite dark after cooking, so it's far less apparent. The flavor though is actually nicer. Overall, I would say they are a better value and a nicer experience than normal artichokes and the color is simply frosting on the cake. Yay!

Work has been crazy with very long days and shifts migrating from night to day, so I've done almost no knitting this week, but I did cast on some of my Peruvian Silk yarn, last night. It's not really worth posting, but I'll do so anyway.

Those are US #4 Addis and I'm knitting a potential front portion of a cardigan. Once I've done a few more rows I'll be able to assess if I like it. We'll see.


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