Thursday, March 31, 2005

Knitting and Not Knitting

Ok, first things first, I promised a picture of my rather lame progress on the cardi.

I suppose if you account for the fact that this back piece is twice as wide as each front piece, it's not quite so pathetic, but it's not exactly exciting, either.
I'm still trying to decide how I will continue the lace around the back neck area. I haven't quite worked that logistic out.

Now for the non-knitting portion of my post.

If you have strong conservative leanings, you may find the remainder of this post objectionable. In such a case, I highly recommend you stop reading today's post and return at a later date. Thank you for your courtesy.

So I was walking to my car, after leaving work yesterday and noticed that pamphlets littered the floor. I gave them little notice, presuming they were some sort of promotional for dry cleaning or something.

Much to my chagrin, they were not. They were double-sided, letter sized pamphlets filled with religious rhetoric about a popular topic, these days.

The cover says, "Terri Schiavo says Let Me Live" which, despite it's decidedly politically incorrect irony, is factually wrong and precedes countless inconsistencies. For instance, one line in it, quoted from Mark says, "[God says pray for them] and they shall recover." How this relates to reinserting a feeding tube is beyond me, but it also appears to mean that praying should be sufficient to restore health to an individual.

Personally, it's hard for me to fathom why anyone would want to be kept alive in a vegetative state, knowing he or she would simply be a burden on an individual or the tax payers. Even Fox news reports that most people would opt to disconnect a loved on in Miss Schaivo's case and even more people would want to be disconnected, themselves, in her situation.

Personally, though, I think this whole situation is none of our damn business. This is a matter for the courts, the husband and the family. And while I have strong opinions on the topic, they don't matter. I will say, though, for all the world to read, if I'm ever in that situation, don't put me on TV, unplug me, don't give me communion and donate my body to science.

Ok, I'm done.


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