Monday, March 28, 2005

I left my heart...

The song is corny, but I completely understand the sentiment. It's really hard to be back home after such a wonderful trip to San Francisco.
You can see the pictures by going here.
In addition to all of that, my mom completely spoiled me with presents.
She gave me a goodie bag full of beauty samples and treats. I didn't take pictures of it, but it's a generous assortment of fun stuff.
She also gave me these beautiful beads.

These are foiled glass beads in an assortment of colors.

And these are a variety of jasper. She had the great idea of sewing them to knit pieces like flower petals, which I think would be striking.

This is a canister of Marie Belle Aztec Hot Chocolate. Imagine melting a gourmet dark chocolate bar in a little bit of milk and drinking it. That's what this tastes like. It's thick, rich and just a little bit bitter in a great way.

She also treated me to an assortment of Lush products which are now partially used and not camera worthy. I love that they are environmentally responsible and use great ingredients, but I do wish they weren't quite so pricy so I could buy them more often.

I also treated myself to a couple items.

Check out this GGH Kid Mohair yarn. I usually have trouble with mohair but this is amazingly soft. I got 5 skeins of a soft sage green and 2 skeins of a mottled chocolate brown. I think they'll look great together.

While we were at the beach, Leo and I gathered some gorgeous sea glass. I want to try to make some jewelry with it. I used to do a lot of jewelry making and I've missed it a bit. This glass has really rekindled my motivation to do it again. I wish the picture showed it to better effect. It's hard to believe these used to be root beer and Budweiser bottles.
I want to try using some of this stuff to set the glass. I've never used it before but I've seen it used on a couple DIY shows and it sounds great.

Well, that's all on this weekend. I didn't make a huge amount of progress on the cardigan, but I'll post pictures soon of what I have done.


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