Friday, February 18, 2005

I'm now 30

Well, on Wednesday, my office S&B group threw me a wonderful pot-luck surprise party. It was really darn sweet and totally made my week. One woman knew I loved vintage patterns and gave me a stack of them that she purchased at an estate sale. This is a selection that everyone's favorite Stitch McYarnpants would approve of.

While some of the patterns are properly kitschy, there are also some that freakin rock. Take for instance, the myriad of sock patterns. Click the images for a larger view

We've got sea horses and beer...

Divers and skunks! The skunks appear to be worked with some white mohair to make the tails fuzzy...

Manhattans, anchors and bowling paraphernalia...

And this Vegas inspired assortment offering everything from champagne to cigarettes.

But the whole package wasn't just socks

There were a tons of booklets. The open pamphlet in the top left corner just cracks me up. Check out that hat!

The birthday fun has just begun. Two packages await my eager hands at the Post Office, and according to the slips left behind, one is from my parents and the other is from my secret pal. YAY! Of course I'll report back.
I can't imagine what more my mom got for me since she already got me two queen sized Tempurpedic pillows.


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