Thursday, January 06, 2005

What was I thinking?

Ok, I've crocheted a half dozen of those motifs with my beautiful purple tape yarn and I thought I was doing just fine. So what the heck happened yesterday?

On the left we see our happy square hero motif. She's got four sides AND four corners. It's a thing of symmetrical beauty, limited only by my blocking skills.

On the right, though, we see a pentagon of fury. Don't get me wrong, like some of the villains in a James Bond movie, she, too, is quite lovely, but where will her 5 sided anomalous design work into my 4 sided collection of motifs?

This, my friends, is what happens when you aren't paying attention. I don't know, though, I might keep her around for a little longer in case inspiration strikes. If it doesn't, a-ripping I will go.

On the topic of charities, thanks for all your suggestions. I actually wasn't too concerned about finding patterns for items to knit and give away to charity. I don't think any copyright laws prohibit giving away items for charity and there are many lovely designs that are easy to find. What I was hoping for were patterns that could be used to raise money for charity. These would be items we'd auction or sell to raise cash and give the money to various charities to use as they see fit. I'm going to offer up any of my patterns for my S&B group and I'll help them design items if they want something different, but I was wondering if anyone knew of people who offer patterns for this kind of purpose.

Thanks again for all your great suggestions.


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