Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Take from me, my lace

I'm not sure what it is about me but I feel a sick need to make music/knitting puns.
I actually have so many things I need to get done I can't decide what to do, so I'm taking a little mental break to work on something small.

I bought myself this Nicky Epstein's book

a few weeks ago, and have been looking for a reason to use some of the ruffle designs.

In particular, I have liked this design:

It's essentially all STst and YOs with a few columns of purl stitch to keep it from completely rolling back on itself. That's fine and dandy, but I wanted something that was reversible. I've knit and ripped out several different iterations and finally think I'm on the right track with this version:

The yarn is pretty chunky and it's not complete so you can only get an idea of where I'm going. When comparing the two versions, certain things stand out. With the book version, you start out with K4, P2 ribbing and work a STst flute in the middle of the K4 bits. This means that the whole ruffle bows out and then comes back at the P2 point. In the version I'm working on, you begin with a K4, P4 ribbing and work your flutes in the opposite stitch from the ribbing around it. So if you are in the middle of a K4 bit, your ruffle will be purled. This should give an nice two way ripple and reversible fabric. If it comes out nicely, I'll post the lace pattern for anyone else who might want to use it.

When I finally work it in a real piece, I plan to do so at a smaller gauge and I may work YOs every 3 or 4 rows instead of every other row to give a more gradual flair from base to hem.


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