Monday, January 17, 2005

Stitch and Beach

The weather in LA is back to being as beautiful as anyone could wish for. The sun has been bright, warm and briefly unadorned by smog. The temperature has been in the 70s and clouds have been few and far between. The best byproduct of all this is that Panda has had more fun than any dog could hope. She got to go to the beach late last week and twice over the weekend.
I'll definitely have more pictures up soon, but for now, I'll just give you a little taste.

The first three pictures are from Leo and Panda's trip on Wednesday

Here's Panda posing at the Cove. She's fearless and prone to scaring the beejebus out of us with her bravery. The sound of crashing waves appears to only heighten this phenomenon.

The tide was quite low so Leo and Panda explored the various tide pools. There were tons of sea urchins, as you can see.

Lucky for me, Panda and Leo brought me home some souvenirs. How cool!

This picture is from Ventura Beach, this Friday.

I love this shot because it shows Panda in action. Click the image for a zoomed in version of the picture.
She's playing half fetch. What's "half fetch"? That's where we chuck an item, she runs after it, carries it half way back to us and makes us come and get it and throw it for her again. I suppose I could train her to actually play fetch correctly but, I could use the exercise so I don't.

Now for the Stitch portion of the Stitch and Beach post.

I've been playing around with the tape and am progressing in a rather organic manner. I've been crocheting and knitting and frogging along in no particular manner to see how the piece will come together. Who knows, I might work this a little longer and rip the whole thing out but that's part of the fun. I actually assembled the three full motifs in the shape you see here, but planned to orient them 180 degrees from where they are. That looked nice but wasn't quite the right width to fit comfortably around my chest. I turned them sideways, basted on more motifs and finally turned them upside down which is where I am now. Stay tuned to find out what happens with the final piece.


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