Saturday, January 08, 2005


The weather in LA is just out of control. It's been wave after wave of craptastic weather in So Cal broken up by only the shortest bouts of typical sun and warmth. Yah yah yah, you have snow and ice and blah blah blah. I don't care, dammit, I want to be warm.

Ok, pity party/temper tantrum aside it hasn't held me up from having some fun. Today we took the four legged one to the beach

This was the scene at the beach. It's a dark and stormy looking sky but the rain only came in short bursts so we got plenty of running on the beach done.

And this is Panda awaiting her chance to let loose. We didn't get any action shots of her playing because we weren't sure if we'd stay dry enough to have the camera along, but take it from me, much fun was had.

Additionally, I got some car knitting done. This is something I can work on without looking at it, which is key for those of us who get motion sick when we focus on something other than the road, while riding in a car. As you can see, I decided to work braids and fringe at each end. That part isn主t really reversible but it doesn主t look too bad on the other side.


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