Tuesday, January 25, 2005

PIP Along

I have an idea for an "along" and I'm wondering if anyone is interested.
I'd like to do the theme: "Peace is Patriotic" to both support the troops and express a desire for the war to end as soon as possible.
I came up with a little logo but don't feel hemmed in by that.

There would be no set project, just a theme.
Some ideas might be

  • Sweaters with a little intarsia ribbon on the chest

  • Bags with ribbons or "Peace is Patriotic" on them

  • Hats for troops

  • Yellow scarves

  • Items knit with yellow ribbon yarn

It could really be anything and I'm open to suggestions.

Go ahead and leave a comment if you think you might be interested, and if people are, I'll start a little blog page for it.


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