Monday, January 10, 2005

Meet the friends

Gratuitous display of dog ahead. You've been warned.

Panda has had two friends since before I met her. I need only ask Panda if she wants to see Draegin (the bigger of the two) and Mina to get my little pup into a tizzy. Actually, it goes a little something like this:
She cocks her head.
"Do you wanna see Draegin and Mina?"
She opens her eyes wide and starts whimpering, then rips around the house in excitement.

Draegin and mina just love this game. One gets a tennis ball, the other covets, they deep throat for half an hour till someone lets his or her guard down or gets bored.

Recently, Lestat has joined the family. He's that tiny white poof between the Dobermans. So how did Panda become friends with two Dobermans before I met her? Who keeps a Pomeranian in a house with two Dobermans? Why, my dear friend and animal trainer, Chrissy. She and I met in the third grade, back in NH and have been close friends since we were seated next to each other in Science class in the seventh grade. When she and her boyfriend moved to LA, the area won my heart over and it's because of her that I finally moved out. When I did so, she introduced me to Panda who was up for adoption at her ranch. It was love at first sight.

It's a long trip but this does come back to knitting. Chrissy and her boyfriend of nearly 9 years got engaged over Christmas. Obviously, she's rushing into it a little but he's a good man so I won't try to talk her out of it. They are eloping in May, somewhere in Hawaii and will have their celebratory party back in LA in June or July. Chrissy and Jeff have a pretty content life. They make enough to buy the things they really want and do the things they enjoy and still save some money for savings. Because of this, it's been terribly hard to come up with a good wedding present. They are both easy to shop for as individuals but what, pray tell, would I get them as a couple? Can anyone think of a nice crafty project? I主m not sure I could finish a blanket by summer with all the other things I have to do, and they aren主t really "doily people". I don't think Chrissy really reads my blog so feel free to leave me ideas in my comments.

I love tapping you guys for ideas.


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