Monday, December 06, 2004

Winter in LA

Ok, I know that many of you live in areas with real seasons. I used to as well, so you don't need to tell me what winter really is. The fact is, I live in LA and I've gone soft. I'm fine with that. LA has some of the worst traffic in all of the US (and maybe the world) we face earthquakes, raging fires, mudslides and pollution, the one thing we aren't supposed to be is cold. So why, pray tell, has it been in the 40s (Fahrenheit) at night? What's up with that? The days have been chilly by our standards as well. Normally, LA's cold spells are short lived but it's been a couple weeks of chilly, now. Granted, I did have the opportunity to wear my new cloche out these past couple of days, but that's little comfort for someone who no longer keeps a stock of good winter clothing.

It does appears that after today, the temperature will be slowly climbing back to the normal temps of the area. has us back at 70 by the end of the week.

Life is now officially back to "normal" and I'm headed to work. While I like my job, I definitely like vacation more.

These past couple of days, my knitting has been mostly focused on the soy silk project. I've completed the sleeves and have moved to the front and back piece. I suspect that blogable knitting will be minimal until I finish this up.


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