Tuesday, December 14, 2004

That Time of the Year

I always think that THIS year Christmas will be no big deal. Seriously, I say this every year like somehow that will be true. Magically, despite the fact that I procrastinate horribly and don't start thinking about anything Christmas related until, well, until there are lights on everyone's balcony and Christmas music in ever store, somehow, regardless of my blatant disregard for an impending deadline, this year will be smooth and carefree.

Well, guess what, bucko, it's as crazy and stressful as last year. Pretty darn silly when you consider the fact that I'm not even religious. Well, there you go Hallmark, another worshiper at the altar of commerce.

Luckily, I have a small circle of friends and only a few family members with whom I swap gifts. I have almost all of my presents out of the way except for one person, but I already know what I want to get her, I just need to get me bum to the store to procure said items. I could have ordered them online but it's too late to try for the free shipping. Why is it too late? Because I didn't plan better. Hmmm, funny that.

In other news, I'm just smitten with Kate Gilbert's new bunny pattern. I just bought the pattern and am using all my willpower to hold myself back from going stash spelunking and starting one right now. I really need to finish my soy silk piece first. Speaking of which, that piece is going well, though slowly. I'm a "knit in the round when you can" kind of girl, so progress seems to move glacially but when I'm done, I'm really done.

Finally, guess who turns 4 today


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