Thursday, December 09, 2004


Yesterday, I woke up, ground some coffee beans, filled the coffee maker with some filtered water and turned it wouldn't turn on. It's been a bit touchy lately so I wasn't shocked, I just clicked the button a couple more times, letting a couple empty threats out as I did so. Still, nothing came. Finally, the little red light came on, but unlike previous times, it didn't actually brew any coffee it just heated the empty pot, leaving the grounds dry and the reserve of water untouched. In my head, I was screaming like the heroin in a bad b-list movie. This is our coffee maker. If we had read the reviews before buying it, we probably wouldn't have gotten this model. It hasn't been 15 months since we bought it. I'd expect better.

Thank god for our French Press.

I'd write a poem to it if I were more poetic.

In knitting news I've posted two of the soon to be four sizes in the Bella Paquita pattern. I've also tried to add plenty of information about working with the chart and some suggestions for modifying the pattern for yourself. I'm not sure when I'll get the two larger sizes up, but hopefully it won't be too long from now.

I'll move on to the cloche after that. The cloche will be my 25th free pattern.

I did have an odd thought yesterday. Actually, it was more distressing than odd. I was reading through some old Knit List digests and the topic of Bonne Marie Burns' felted bucket hat came up. After a few back and forths, someone else posted a bunch of free alternatives. My initial thought was, "Wow, that woman just robbed Bonne Marie of $5." Obviously, she did nothing of the sort and looking through the free alternatives, it was clear that none were as nicely designed, but still, it got me thinking. Are my free patterns offered at the expense of designers who are trying to make money off of patterns? If the selection of free patterns gets better, does that lower the value of patterns available at cost? Am I a horrible person?

You know what this means, right? Yup, another internet poll.

Does offering free patterns of decent quality, adversely impact designers trying to sell their patterns?
Yes, you are evil and deserve to rot in hell with only a single knitting needle and a tattered ball of acrylic yarn.
To some degree, yes, but you are only one of many people and shouldn't worry too much.
Yes, if your patterns are significantly like popular "for sale" patterns.
No, Marnie, you only have 24 patterns, get over yourself. You aren't crushing anyone's aspirations here.
No, silly girl, people will pay for good patterns, regardless of what's on the internet. It's up to the designers to make their designs worth it.
Some other answer which you'll find in the comments.


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