Sunday, December 26, 2004

Loot and Toot

Christmas was filled with people I love and a big pile of loot. One of the first presents I received was this pair of carry on bags from my mom. The blue one is hard shelled, has wheels and fits into an overhead compartment. The other is a Paul Frank Scurvy bag. I'm a huge Paul Frank fan.

Here is an assortment of fine delights. There's a Spongebob talking toy. You squeeze his nose or hand and he says funny things. Panda is quite sure that she could put it to better use but she got her own Christmas presents and will have to be content with those. There's also a Panda doppelganger CD holder, a kitty shaped walkman, a beautiful hand turned pepper mill and a digital video camera.

The two items not mentioned above are a lovely cameo and the funniest watch I think I've ever seen. It's called the Bunny Sutra and it's by Swatch. It takes me back to my grade school days when Swatches were THE watch to have. Of course, ours did not have bunnies in compromising positions but that's just as well, considering my impressionable age at the time.

Last but not least are two really unexpected gifts. One is a great purse from my dear friend Janet. She went from being "friend of the family" to the "big sister I never had" when I was a teen and she's one of the people I miss the most back in NH. The purse is adorable and had a couple lovely little items inside, including a pair of vintage earrings and a mini cookbook.
The other item is "Stitch and Bitch Nation" given to me by two of the women from my S&B at work. I'm honestly surprised and flattered that they went to that effort for me.

Of course with all this talk of wonderful things, I have to put in some Panda.

Leo is not covering his eyes because he is shy. I was noticing how cute she was being and went to grab the camera and she passed such blindingly bad wind that Leo was nearly incapacitated. While I'm never one to find scatological humor all that funny, I had to admit that the combination of cute serenity juxtaposed against her eye watering "present' was pretty darn funny.


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